Dos & Don’ts

Just a few things to keep in mind when at Monty’s.


The Don’ts first (let’s get them out the way)


Please do not give our animals grub from home, they are all on a good strict diet set by farmer Grant and might get sick if we feed them too much.

Please do not climb in with our animals, we probably wouldn’t love them just popping into our house!

Please do not forget to dress for the elements….with most of Monty’s outdoors you never know what can happen in our lovely West of Scotland location!


There are lots more Dos….



Book to come to Monty’s  – we are keeping numbers as safe and controlled as possible and so booking is super duper important.  Click on the “Book Tickets” link on the top bar for full details and to book

Add an indoor play slot if you fancy, if no indoor play slots show on your booking it means there is no space left in your chosen Outdoor play session.

If you add on an indoor play slot to your booking please do wear shoes suitable for indoor play inside while playing.

Enjoy spending time on the farm and ask our team if you need anything at all

Have a balls, and make lots of special memories at Monty’s