Top Tips

Here are a few of the top tips / important info. that you may want to keep in mind when visiting Monty’s wee part of the world…


Tickets are for an AM or PM session of Outdoor Fun

£6 per child
£3.50 adult
Free – Under 18 months (no need to book a ticket for tiny tots)

When booking you can add a 40 minute slot in our indoor play, priced at £3 per child extra and while spaces are available.

Full Details can be found & sessions booked by clicking on “Book Tickets” just below

Prices may vary with events


Monty’s is booked for either a Morning or Afternoon Session

To ensure we keep everyone safe, sound and able to make happy Monty’s memories all Sessions must  booked in advance.

Sessions are updated a couple of weeks in advance to make sure we can react to the changing world and our new business and customer requirements as flexibly as possible.

Summer 2021 Update:

Sessions run Wednesday to Sunday – all must be booked please


Ardardan Estate,
Argyll & Bute,
G82 5HD


We are firm believers that there’s no such thing as bad weather…just the wrong gear!

So like every good farmer remember to wrap up and dress for the elements and although major mud can be avoided for the full farm experience remember to pop in your wellies!

FOR INDOOR PLAY – Please remember to bring indoor shoes for your indoor play slot (the indoor play is all wooden and rope and so wearing shoes makes it more comfortable….trainers or some similar would be perfect).

Dirty shoes won’t be permitted on the indoor play so while on a dry day it won’t be a bother to wear the same shoes as outdoors it would be brill if when wet and muddy you pop on other shoes when going indoors please.



+ What age is monty's best for?

Monty’s is set up for primary school age with most likely the ideal area being 18 months to 10 years old, approximately.

With lots of animals to meet, go karts to play on and fun play structures lots of bigger kids (and adults) love it too!

+ Do I need to book?

Yes please for sure!

With COVID restrictions and just to make everyone feel comfortable and not over-run all sessions must be booked ahead of time.

Click here to book tickets:

If you have any queries about a booking on the day or we can help don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 01389 849188

+ Do you have a cafe?

Given current restrictions and spacing etc. we don’t have an indoor cafe but we have our coffee Horsebox in Monty’s courtyard that has lots of our Ardardan Tearoom treats, snacks, brilliant Thomson’s Coffee,  sandwiches, paninis, sweeties and ice lollies (if you’re good!)

If you choose an indoor play slot our team are on hand to grab coffees / drinks and tray  bake treats if you fancy while the wee ones play.

+ Can I bring my own grub?

As a family we know how important constant snacks and food are to keep everyone going! You are welcome to bring a picnic or snacks and enjoy on our outdoor picnic benches dotted around the farm park.

Our Coffee and Treat Horsebox is open during each session if you do fancy enjoying our homemade goodies, or a good coffee!! (usually our first port of call on a day out!)

+ How does the indoor play work?

Our indoor play is a super special wee world of outdoor fun brought indoors.  To work within Government guidelines and keep everyone as safe as we can we are restricting the numbers we have in our indoor play, hence why you book a 40 minute slot for the indoor when booking your ticket.

If no indoor slots show when booking it means they are fully booked in your chosen session.

We hope everyone is super comfortable and kids have a ball (while adults can grab a wee minute / coffee while watching wee ones explore!)

+ Can I book the indoor play on its own?

We’re so sorry we don’t have the option of having just indoor play – Monty’s is an outdoor attraction with we hope the brilliant addition of our indoor play.

When you book your ticket you will be asked to choose an indoor play slot if you fancy and spaces permit.  Your are welcome to be at Monty’s for the full 3 hours duration of your session (morning or afternoon) but if you’ve chosen to add an indoor play slot we ask that you arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before your chosen indoor play slot please.

+ Do children wear shoes in the indoor play?

They sure do.  Monty’s indoor play is a fully wooden and rope structure (just like outdoor play) and so can be sore on wee bare toes.  So please wear indoor/ clean shoes when playing on Monty’s indoor play.

If you’ve been playing outside in Monty’s before your indoor slot if it’s been dry and not too muddy little ones can keep on the same shoes but no super muddy wellies on the indoor play please.

+ Can I bring my dog?

We’re afraid not.

We’re so sorry and we totally understand that your dog may be part of your family but as good as we’re sure your dog is our farm animals aren’t so comfortable with dogs and so to make sure we keep them calm and happy we do not have dogs in Monty’s.

From our car park there is a lovely walk to Ardmore Point through our fields and on.  As long as dogs are on a lead you are more than welcome to enjoy this outdoor space with your dog, and can always grab coffee in our Take Away Horsebox Hangout at Ardardan if you fancy!

+ Is Monty's Pram / Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes it is.

We have done our very best to make our pathways accessible for wheelchairs.  The are made of crushed type one through our woods and so may feel a bit bumpy but we have lots of prams and wheelchair users who come along and explore with no problems.

If you would like to bring a child along with any mobility issues we hope you all enjoy seeing the animals, exploring the woods and enjoying our environment. You may find that most of our play equipment isn’t fully accessible and so you may find there’s less to do on this front.  If this is the case please do send us a wee email to and we can advise on the ticket price and help get you booked in.

+ Do you have an annual / season pass?

For the moment while we have to restrict numbers within Covid Restrictions we do not have any annual or season passes.

We are over the moon that there may be those of you out there who think of Monty’s as a place to come regularly.  We will definitely keep thinking, anticipating and adapting to what we can do and thank you so much for your continued support!

+ Is Monty's Open every day?

We are ever changing and adapting to demands and our business requirements.

We have bookable sessions on Wednesdays to Sundays throughout the summer holidays.  Sessions can be booked by clicking the link towards the bottom of this page.

We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

+ What animals can we see at Monty's

Monty himself is a big loveable heelan coo so our Highland Cows are always delighted to see you.

Also in our animal paddocks we have donkeys, Kevin, Duncan and Bow our alpacas, different varieties of sheep, our wee pygmy goats and of course our piggies!

All of our animals are on a fairly strict diet so we ask that you enjoy saying hello but please don’t feed our animals.

Hand washing facilities are available at each animal contact area.